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Team BrandFiesta! Good Day to everyone!

It is our members that make the forum what it is, and what better to reward a ptp forum members other than with cash for post, a cash contest! A contest that began yesterday, will be a random member chosen and they will earn money! The criteria for the member to be chosen is as follows:

  • Must be a member of Team BrandFiesta! (free)
  • Must have a minimum post count of 50 (not hard to get)
  • Must claim prize in cash out section of forum

Payout amount is based on the amount of members we have currently. As of print, we have 130 members, so the winner would earn $1.30 If say we were to have 1000 members, a person would earn $10.00 and 5,000 members a person would earn $50.00 We will pay a penny for every member up to a maximum of $100.00

This contest may run every time it ends, with each time increasing in time by 10 days. This page will be updated if new information is to be posted. Link to this contest and post information, and we will post the link here. king

Contest has been posted here:,170725.0.html

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This is best contest i have ever seen.Lets see who wins as i have joined recently and i don't have 50 posts i wont be winner this month be i will take my chance for next time.


Has anybody seen this contest going on here at Team BrandFiesta's website? Or am I missing something? lol


The contest is automatic, by being a member you are already entered.


Cool, about this:
Must claim prize in cash out section of forum
that means to cashout some of fiestas at least once?


Uploadin wrote:Cool, about this:
Must claim prize in cash out section of forum
that means to cashout some of fiestas at least once?

No it means that in order for you to win this free cash bonus, you need to claim it in the cash out section. If you are an active member, you will see it and post. If you are not an active member you will forfeit the bonus.


Ok thanks for answer.


Was reading on the contest you might want to check the links. The following are not working.

Seems i can't post links yet well it's the bottom 2 links that i am referring to.

I'm not sure if the contest is still running since there hasn't been any news that i can find since then.

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